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Catch Of The Day Semi Flush Trout bass are the catch of the day on inverted pendant. Original fixture is suspended from fishhook

Kalco Tier Foyer Lantern Antique copper with mica shade set. The windsor is platform in which to showcase s hand made, mica

Trees Pendant Handsome depicts moose in the tall pine forest. The center section is illuminated by mountain silhouettes.

Harold H Limited Edition Ii Floor Clock Limited edition floor with engraved numbered plate located on the backside of the upper door rail.

Focal Point Gallery Clock Wall has visible movement from polished brass acrylic dial has second hand track, hands, polished

Dusk Chandelier Black bear at dusk amongst the pines make for .

Alabaster Inverted Pendant The o alabaster inverted is elegance defined, by tiffany. Dx wattage x

Taylor Floor Clock Elegant swan neck pediment has crotch mahogany accenting holly ebony inlays the dial has raised

Northwoods Bear Dusk Inverted Pendant A bear in the forest tops wildlife circular in the by artisans. Suspended from hand made branch

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Harding Floor Clock The bonnet pediment featureon floor has inlay marquetry design that has book russian walnut burl,

Fleur De Lis Inverted Pendant Mauve Amber A tiffany design, the fleur de lis inverted is design of purple stylized tri petaled irises azure

Fleur De Lis Inverted Pendant Red Yellow A tiffany design, the fleur de lis inverted is design of yellow tri petaled irises azure colored

Arm Flush Mount See way with lt bouquet of celestial light pendant with translucent amber, scavoglass. The pendant

Fleur De Lis Inverted Pendant Mauve Orange A tiffany design, the fleur de lis inverted is design of golden stylized tri petaled irises amber

Elvis Oblong Pendant Become all shook up with burning love for customized billiard dedicated to the king of rock roll.

Coolidge Presidential Floor Clock The polished brass dial of floor has cast corner center ornaments moon arch with astrological blue

Bakers Tavern Oblong Island Pendant A tiffany billiard that has amber jeweled fringe on the corners of jewel bordered bevel shade

Chandelier Acorn Pendant Not tiffany pendant tiffanys ability to produce lighting matter the style or design. Majestic

Hickory Treasures Led Pendant Like fine of furniture, sculpted s capture feeling of relaxation serenity that modern living. The

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